Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lily Lake & October 15th

It somehow slipped my mind what yesterday was…until I wrote in my journal for the day, October 15, 2011. Oh yes, that’s right, it’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I had felt rather disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to do anything special in honor of Lily, like going to the candlelight service I went to last year.

Though I forgot the significance of the day, He didn’t…He had the day planned all along, just waiting for me to discover what He had done. He wanted me to know that He remembered, even when I didn’t. That she is honored and so, so loved.

I had been wanting to go to Lily Lake near Estes Park, Colorado for several months, specifically because of her name. Well, yesterday I finally got to go. And though hardly a single soul knew what the day meant for me, He knew. There was a sacredness to the day and as the wind blew about, and I looked up to the majestic Rocky Mountains and enjoyed the beauty of the day, I was so, so amazed that this magnificent God who creation cries out of His great works and His goodness, would care so deeply about the smallest things...would care deeply about me and my girl.

What a gift my Beloved Jesus gave me on this day…spending time at Lily Lake, picnicking and hiking, and then having such a precious time with sisters in Christ as we frolicked about the cozy, quaint town of Estes Park. Then on the way back from our day out and about, the Lord gave me the honor and delight of sharing about Lily's life and legacy with four other girls. It’s so incredible to know the Lord does everything for a purpose, even putting me in a car with the people He wanted to hear my story and He knew they would be blessed by it.

My one desire, my one prayer is that whoever hears my story will walk away, not thinking Hannah Rose, or Lily even…but Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus…I pray it points all eyes to Him, for He is who every heart is seeking and longing for.

(If you want to keep up with my journey to Ellerslie and my adventures at Ellerslie, visit my blog Jesus is Victor. I have been posting there more frequently lately. Blessings!) :)

I wore my special butterfly earrings that my friend Tracey gave me, in honor of Lily

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