Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lily's Cedar Memory Chest

I really wanted a cedar memory chest for Lily Katherine's things for a long time, but didn't know where to find one and how much it would cost.

Then, a couple years ago (I've been meaning to share this since then), my mom and I stopped at a random little gas station on the way home from being out of town. That is where I found it, just outside of Greensboro, NC. I didn't get it when I first saw it, but went home and decided it was perfect.

My mom remembered the exit where we saw it, so I looked up the gas station number online and got in contact with the elderly man who handcrafts the chests. He said he would hold it for me.

So, I went back the next day and purchased it for $100. I have seen cedar chests online that look quite similar to mine, going for $500-$600! I truly believe God cares about the small details of our lives. He knew I wanted a cedar chest to hold the memories of my baby girl and had it picked out for me, prompting us to stop at that gas station and giving me a price I could afford. It is exactly what I dreamed of to hold the most sacred keepsakes I have.

the inside of Lily's memory chest

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Bloom in Heaven

Thank you to Carly Marie for these lovely new photos.

This is one of my favorite quotes because I call Lily "my little flower." Carly says this is the tiniest butterfly she's ever drawn. :)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Favorite Part of Lily's Scrapbook

I knew I wanted to have Lily Katherine's heartbeat recording in her scrapbook, but I honestly didn't even know it was a possibility. By the time I started looking into it more, her scrapbook was close to being complete. I searched for products on Google and discovered that you can add sound to a scrapbook, however, I was disappointed with the options. They were mostly too bulky or just downright ugly. That was until I stumbled upon the Picture That Sound website (click on link to find out more).

The products they offer are really cute and are thin enough to fit into a scrapbook nicely. They have options for baby keepsakes, wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion you can think of. You can record for up to 20 seconds and the products are acid-free, which is a must for scrapbooking. Everything comes in sets of two and can be decorated.

I found this online a day before I was going on vacation last summer and I really wanted to include Lily's heartbeat recording in her scrapbook because I was planning on sharing it with friends and family on that trip.

I called the Picture That Sound number and left a message. They called me back quickly and were so helpful and kind. It turns out they are located in the same city I live in, which is super cool! They sent it out that very day in the mail and I received it the following day, so I was able to add it to her scrapbook before my trip after all. :) I even had a coupon and free shipping. When I got the package in the mail, I noticed they added an extra recording device since I am local and they said they rarely ship to anyone local. What awesome customer service, right?

This is my absolute favorite feature in Lily's scrapbook. It's so special and I love seeing people's reaction when I show it to them.

Here is a little demonstration for you:

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"I Just Love Carrying My Baby"

I am going through old emails to find the correspondence between my friend Bex and I from when I was pregnant so I can print them out to keep it in Lily's memory chest. After Lily's father, Bex was the second person to know about Lily.

Here is something I wrote to Bex when I was 25 weeks pregnant, in November 2009:

"I have been feeling Lily moving and kicking so much! It is such an amazing feeling. I just love carrying my Baby and I feel like I will miss it when I do give birth. It's such a special time to feel another life inside me and know that it's her little foot or hand I feel. :)"

And here's from a conversation we had online:

Bex: Hannah Rose!!
Hannah: HEY!
Bex: How are you??
Hannah: I'm really well.. Lily is moving around really silly right now.
Bex: Aww! Isn't that one of the best feelings in the world though? :)
Hannah: Yeah, it is. It's so special. Lily just nestles up on my right side too, it's so funny.
Bex: aww:)

These are things I'd forgotten, like her preferring my right side. I'm so glad I have that record of how I treasured our time together, her only time on Earth. And I had no idea just how much I would miss carrying her. Sigh. I am certain that one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive in my life was getting those months with Lily and being chosen to be her forever mommy.

This photo beautifully captures life in the womb. Yes, Lily *did* live and wasn't an "almost baby."

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Lily Honored in California

A sweet lady I've connected with online wrote Lily's name in the sand on Mission Beach in California. Lisa writes names and other special messages on the shores of California and Hawaii. The photos she sent me below are lovely.

Lily's name has been written on beaches all over the world by many different people. If you ever visit somewhere and think of Lily, I would love for you to write her name in the sand and take a picture for me. :)

Check out Lisa's Facebook page: Lisa's Hawaiian Sandwriting

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Exactly as It Was Always Meant to Be

I saw this photo on Facebook...

Isn't it so beautiful? It made me wish that Lily and I could take a photo like that together. Because I had an abortion scheduled and didn't go through with it and now Lily would be the face of what choosing life looks like, just like this young woman.

I chose life, just like this mother, but my little girl died... even still, she is no less real or important. And even though she cannot stand beside me in a picture, her brief life is a testament to how every life is precious and valuable, including the unborn who never take a single breath.

Even though Lily is not here to be the face of the unborn, her legacy is a face of sorts and speaks boldly and clearly. Our story is exactly as it was always meant to be and I will go on sharing it with whoever will listen.

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My Pregnancy Scrapbook Almost Finished

Over the last few months, I've found quite a few things that I either thought were lost or had forgotten about, that I've been able to add to Lily's scrapbook. It is now up to 70 pages! And it's truly almost finished, after countless hours of love poured into it. Over the next couple weeks, I plan on working on the post to share it all, so stay tuned! :)

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