Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hospital Care Packages

I'm working on hospital care packages for families who must go home with empty arms...I would appreciate ideas of what to include in the boxes. Thanks! :)



  1. stuffed animals, picture frames, candles, booties and hats, blankets, disposable cameras, remembrance jewelry (necklaces, bracelets,etc) those kits where you can make your own foot and hand prints on clay for your baby, a card with links to local support groups or online support groups...that is all i can think of! :)

  2. Candles, blank cards (for thank you notes, etc.), grief/loss books (a favorite of mine was, "Mommy, Please Don't Cry", stuffed animals, star kits (you can have a star named after the baby), blank journal, seeds to spread on the gravesite, memorial pins...I think you have some good ideas there! :)

  3. I would include a disposable camera, some nice paper for hand/footprints, blanket, stuffed animal, that kind of thing. We were given an outfit (which was wonderful because Ethan was a preemie and we didn't have an outfit that fit) so we ordered a few preemie outfits for the bereavement group.

  4. Great suggestions everyone!!

    Perhaps a tiny card/envelope to stick a lock of hair in.

  5. A laminated sheet of paper with blog address, email address, or contact information of helpful sites - or people who have also gone through a loss.

  6. Love your blog. I heard you speak at the October 15 ceremony. I am trying to get together a support group in Wake County area.



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