Monday, February 20, 2012

Featured on 'Accepting Abundance'

What an honor to be featured on Stacy Trasancos' website, Accepting Abundance. Stacy has written for LifeNews, a popular Pro-Life website and has appeared on several Pro-Life radio programs. She is a regular contributor at The Integrated Catholic Life, Catholic Lane and Catholic Sistas. She is also Chief Editor at Ignitum Today.

This is what Stacy Trasancos wrote about me on her page:

"A young woman on a journey wants more people to hear her story. She was confused by the messages of our culture, led into darkness, cried out for light, and found it in a glorious, yet heartbreaking, way. This is her essay. She would like for you to read it. Please also browse the website of this young and vibrant pro-life woman and new writer, who doesn’t seem to be growing quiet any time soon. A sister I can relate to in many ways."

Click here to see the post. And also be sure to visit the homepage to see a slider image she made. It is so exciting to see how the Lord is opening up doors to share my story! This is all about Him and His glory. 



  1. glad your story is being shared!

  2. I am so happy for you. I pray Jesus would pour out opportunity's for you to use your beautiful story and witting skills.


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