Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Virginia in October

I got an invitation in the mail to attend the PCCV (Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia) annual fall banquet in October.


As I was looking over the invitation, I was thinking how I would love to attend the banquet with my grandmother because this is the pregnancy center that I went to in my first trimester of pregnancy in August 2009. I also went to their banquet with my grandmother almost five years ago, in October 2009, when I was around 18 weeks gestation and had just found out conclusively Lily was a girl. That was a very special night for me, as it was the first time God stirred the desire within me to share my story of LIFE, hope, and redemption through speaking. There were lilies in the centerpiece of each table, as a precious reminder that He knew and loved my Lily and was holding us both in the palm of His hand.

I noticed that the banquet this year will be falling on the exact date it did five years ago when I went - October 18th. This year is the 30th anniversary candlelight banquet and five years ago I remember it was the 25th anniversary. I was thinking about how many memories it would bring back to be able to go again and then realized that it's very possible I could go... not only does the banquet fall on the same date as five years ago, but my family has a vacation planned to visit Massanutten (a resort my family has been going to since before I was born) in October (we usually go during different months of the year). I was at Massanutten five years ago in October, almost on the same dates that we will be there this year. Those are some really sweet memories. In fact, I have two full pages in Lily's scrapbook from that vacation and the banquet.

I really hope I am able to go to the banquet this year. I am sure my trip will be bittersweet, full of memories of my girl and her life on Earth...


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