Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lily's Stocking Almost Finished

Last week while at Massanutten for fall break, my grandmother "Bumma" finished knitting her great-granddaughter Lily Katherine's beautiful memorial stocking! It is simply perfect and beautiful. It was so special to be with my grandmother as she lovingly created this stocking. She said once she got started, it would go quick and it certainly did! After she finished, she said she didn't want it to be over and she was sad it is. I thought that was such a sweet thing to say. She enjoyed being able to do something for Lily.

I love the colors we chose and the parts of the stocking we chose for each particular color. It is perfect for a little girl, for Christmas, and reminds me of Valentine's Day, which I associate with Lily and my Valentine's-themed baby shower. It is also the perfect size.

I will treasure this stocking always and it will be hung with my future children's stockings. I love that my grandmother made it since she made mine and since she was here when Lily was born and they should know each other. It honestly makes me very sad to not know if I will get married and have more children before my grandmother goes Home to be with the Lord. I pray she lives many years more, but she is 83 and you just never know. I will be brokenhearted if she passes away before she gets to meet my future children, before they get to know her... especially knowing my first-born would and should know her.

There is some yarn left over from Lily's stocking and I thought it would be really neat to have a scarf made out of the same yarn. So my grandmother said she will make me a pretty Christmas scarf. :)

Anyways, there is one final detail to add to Lily's stocking before I share photos of it.


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