Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"I've Been Calling Her Lily"

On this date 8 years ago, September 5th, 2009, I sent an email to my dear friend Bex where I said this:

I am incredibly thankful to have this documented forever. I remember knowing from early on that Lily was a girl and that her name was Lily, however it is special to have it written down.

Bex was one of the first people to know about her life and her name...
This is Lily's name written at Lily Lake in Estes Park, Colorado, from Bex.

At the time I wrote the email, I was just into my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, too early for a doctor to tell me the gender of my unborn baby. I hadn't even had an ultrasound or doctor's appointment yet. But, I knew in my heart that my baby was a GIRL. It was as if God Himself whispered, "you are carrying a precious little girl and her name is Lily." The Lord showed me that my child was a gift and though she was conceived in sin, she was not a sin.

I knew in my heart that the God of the Universe was knitting together a special little girl, quietly hidden within my womb. Jesus supernaturally intervened in my life. He used her life to bring me back to Himself. Lily was the bridge between me and Jesus. She changed my heart, she changed the road I was walking on, she changed my future, she changed everything... rather, Jesus changed everything through her life.

I treasure her name. To me, it is not simply a pretty name. The flower and name are incredibly meaningful and significant to me.

Lily means "pure and innocent." The Lord showed me that this precious life that grew within was a symbol of my renewed innocence and purity in Christ. In Him, I am washed whiter than snow (Isaiah 1:18). I am redeemed, because of His shed blood. He was giving me hope for her future, my future, and showing me that He had a plan and purpose for her precious life.

Of course, her name turned out to mean many other things as well, but for today, I'm reflecting on how amazing that God gave me her name when she was a wee one and all it meant to me on that day...


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