Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Headstone for Her Baby

A sweet mama whose waited 26 years to decide upon a headstone for her stillborn daughter told me I helped her make up her mind with my blog posts sharing Lily's stone and ideas and suggestions for others who are having to make these difficult decisions. With tears she thanked me.

And with tears I am thankful to hear this. Thankful to hear in another way that my beautiful girl's legacy continues to expand in ways I could never dream.

My beautiful March flower who came and went in March 8 years ago.

It's difficult to believe that in a couple days, it'll be March again.

I don't want to wake up on April 1st and feel like March passed by and Lily was forgotten. I dread the thought of her being forgotten.

Even if it's just my family who remembers, I know we always will. We will ALWAYS celebrate Lily and the unique place she holds in our hearts and family tree. My family is already planning on coming to visit me for Lily's birthday weekend and just knowing they love her alongside me is a reminder that I don't miss her alone.

We will eat red-velvet and hashbrowns. We will visit Lily's special spot and take her fresh flowers. We will look at her scrapbook and admire her prints and lock of hair. We will go out to eat. All the traditions we've grown to expect and appreciate in all the Marches since 2010. And we'll make some new memories this year too.

This comment from this mother came at just the right time and was a sweet reminder that Lily is still impacting hearts and lives, even when I cannot see it.

The breadth of her legacy cannot be measured by comments or gifts given. It cannot be measured at all because only God knows how far and wide it expands. But it sure is a gift for my heart to get these reminders. #LilyKats8thBirthday


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