Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Power of a Protective Mother

A couple months ago, I had an experience that shook me up.

I was eating brunch at a local restaurant when a cute little family with a mom, dad, and 3 kids came in.

All of a sudden the mom started yelling "oh my gosh, she's choking!", talking about her toddler daughter.

She jumped up and immediately went into action to save her little girl's life. I could hear the sheer panic and fear in her voice.

Everyone in the restaurant was watching and a few people called the ambulance.

It brought me to tears because I'm always emotional about anything to do with choking, after my mom had to do the Heimlich on me when I was 9. I was praying that this would turn out well and thankfully because of this mother who knew what to do and did it, it did.

More than anything though, I left feeling amazed by a mother's love and how she'll do anything necessary to protect her babies, even when she's terrified herself. From the womb, God wires a mother to be a protector. A mother's love even extends past death, and with it the desire to protect her child's legacy.

She was by the ambulance as I was leaving and I made a point to tell her what an incredible mother she is and how we saw her swiftly move to action. I think she needed to hear that as she immediately started crying. What a beautiful little girl in her polka dot dress who is thankfully okay.


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