Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Believing for a Miracle with a Broken Heart

My roomie put this inspirational quote up in our living room.

I've been thinking a lot about the truth in these words and how freeing and beautiful they are.

Don't we get it in our minds that we can *either* have hope *or* a broken heart? That the two are mutually exclusive?

When really the two can coexist side-by-side. The broken heart makes the hope for a miracle that much sweeter and when that miracle is fulfilled, that much more a thing of awe.

You can be broken-hearted over the baby you lost while at the same time hoping for the miracle of a rainbow baby.

You can be broken-hearted over being single and life not going the way you thought or dreamed it would while at the same time believing that God can change your circumstances and bring you a spouse.

It’s not either/or.

And like a seesaw going back and forth, sometimes your heart will feel more of the weight of hope or the weight of being broken-hearted. But that doesn’t mean the other doesn’t still exist and won’t again reign.

There are lessons to be learned in sorrow and in hope, and sometimes the lessons are found when both occupy the same soul simultaneously.

You, yes you, the one with the broken heart... you can believe things will change and your miracle will come, fully trusting God holds and ordains your life, while still feeling the ache in your heart. You don’t have to choose. 


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