Friday, September 16, 2011

18 months and goodbyes

Saying that today is emotionally tough wouldn't quite be adequate. The sky outside is gloomy and gray and the weather has taken a drastic turn since just yesterday (from the 90s to upper 50s). It seems to match my mood.

Today, Lily should be 18 months. 1 1/2 years old. A toddler. And we should be celebrating her half birthday (because I like any reason to celebrate life!) with pink sprinkled cupcakes, giggles, and love. Today should be a bright day.

Today is also the day my best friend in the world moved away. She left this morning to move 10 hours away, to Alabama. In just two weeks, I have had to digest that she's leaving and that I'd have to say goodbye. That seems to be how things go in my life. Having to say goodbye so often...and when the goodbyes come, they seem so sudden and cut so deep. And I never feel prepared for them. But can you ever truly be ready to say goodbye and hug somebody and watch them drive away?

Change is really hard for me. Especially such drastic changes, so suddenly, so many all at once. Before I know it, I'll be in Colorado. I leave in 3 weeks from tomorrow! So thankful for his steadfast love and continuing faithfulness to me. So thankful He alone never changes...

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." -Hebrews 13:8

He is the Great Comforter and has gotten me through everything that I never thought I could get through. And I never could have gotten through anything alone. That's how I know it's Him. And I know He won't leave me now. He'll never leave me. And He'll be my Sustainer and breathe His life into me...



  1. It still amazes me that in the midst of so much change, God never changes and is always there for us.... :)

  2. Your best friend, and my best friend, she's gone to a higher calling. How do we cope? There's so much more to our stories, so much more we haven't seen yet. I have to grip to the fact that this is about Him, and not us. Praying for you daily.


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