Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lily's name on a Hawaiian Beach :)

My amazing friend, Melissa, wrote Lily's name in the sand on the beach just after sunrise at The Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii. It means so much to me to know when others are thinking of her. And I love that her name is being written all over the world, from Hawaii to Australia! :-) I have a close friend who lives in Alaska...I think I'm going to ask her to write Lily's name somewhere special there. If you (whoever is reading this) ever want to write Lily's name on a beach where you live or visit or somewhere else, I would LOVE it!! Thank you for these beautiful photos, Melissa!

I love the trees and beach house in the background



  1. Such a sweet friend, Her name is beautiful{{{LILY}}}

  2. So sweet. We have never written Addison Margaret's name in the sand anywhere, but I see others and wish. It's beautiful. Next time I'm at the beach, I will write my angel baby's name for sure!


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