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Meaning and Significance of Lily Katherine's Name

 “Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.” ~Song of Solomon 2:2

{Lily Katherine}

A gift from Marcia

"It is amazing what beauty that one flower will give to her surroundings. She can be in an environment of bleak ugliness, however just her presence can transform her surroundings. This is exactly the way a faithful daughter can be a transformer and shining light to the world around her."

And this is exactly what my flower, my Lily Katherine, did in my life. She changed my heart, she changed the road I was walking on, she changed my future, she changed everything...rather, Jesus changed everything through her life. I treasure her name. To me, it is not simply a pretty name. The flower and name are so meaningful and significant to me. This is how L.K. got her name...

When I was 19, I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock. I had so wanted independence and freedom, yet ironically found myself in bondage. The Lord showed me that this child was a gift and though she was conceived in sin, she was not the sin. From the beginning of my pregnancy, before any doctor told me anything, I knew in my heart that my girl was indeed, A GIRL. It was as if God Himself whispered to me, "you are carrying a precious little girl and her name is Lily."

On September 5, 2009 (when I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy), I wrote the following in an email to a friend,

"For some reason, I feel like the baby growing in me is a girl! And I've been calling her Lily...from the verse in Song of Solomon, "Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens." Out of my sin and darkness, I know the Lord will do something very special with this little one."

I knew in my heart that the God of the universe was knitting together a very special little girl, quietly hidden within my womb. I knew how special she was to Him. She was almost aborted. In fact, the appointment was set up at an abortion clinic. Yet, Jesus supernaturally intervened in my heart and life. He broke the chains of bondage. He used her life to bring me back to Himself.

Lily was the bridge between me and my Savior.

Lily means purity and innocence. Also a symbol of beauty. The Lord was bringing beauty from ashes, light out of my darkness. He showed me that this precious life that grew within was a symbol of my renewed innocence and purity in Christ. In Him, I am washed whiter than snow (Isaiah 1:18). I am redeemed, because of His shed blood.

When I was praying about her middle name, after I found out conclusively she was a she, the name Katherine kept coming to me. For quite sometime, it remained in my heart. I wanted her middle name to be as meaningful as her first name, specifically chosen by God. I had no idea at the time that Katherine also means purity.

Both her names, both mean purity. Look how God's fingerprint was all over naming her. He cares deeply about each aspect in our lives. He cares about each unborn life.

And yes, that's Katherine with a K. After all, "Katherine with a 'K' is so much more alluring than Catherine with a 'C.' A 'C' always looks so smug." ~Anne of Green Gables :-)

As if this wasn't beautiful enough...

On March 16, 2010 (two days after my due date) I showed up at the hospital to deliver my little girl, only to discover her heart had stopped beating at some point in the days before. I was devastated, yet the Lord brought such peace. I knew that He would speak through her life how each life is so precious and valuable to Him. This little girl that never took a breath, never spoke a word, was used to bring me back to Jesus!

It was in that moment that He revealed to me an entirely new, amazing, beautiful aspect to her name. And how He knew her, her name and the purposes of her life long before I ever knew she would be. Not only is she a symbol of my renewed purity in Christ, but she will forever be pure and innocent. Spotless. Untainted by the world and sin, never to know pain or suffering. She only knows the beauty of Heaven and the love of her family and King Jesus. She opened her eyes to see His face. His face, the first she ever beheld. What an amazing gift...

I love my girl's beautiful name. The spelling, the way it sounds, the way it looks written out. It's a timeless, old-fashioned, feminine name. 

Lily Katherine will forever remain my set-apart princess, who was betrothed to the King before her birth. And now every time I see a lily, I will think of her and remember how she danced into my life one moment and left the next...but she has left me changed forever...

"A tiny flower, lent not given, to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven."

"I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." ~Song of Solomon 2:1


This is a beautiful acrostic that my blogger friend, Amy, created for me. :-)

L- is for how much your mother LOVES you.
I- is for how IMPORTANT you will always be to your mommy.
L- is for the difference your LIFE has made.
Y- is for how much your mom YEARNS to hold you.

K- is for how your memory is KEPT alive in your mommy's life.
A- is for the ARMS of Jesus who holds you close.
T- is for the precious TIME that your mom got to have with you.
H- is for HOW Jesus was with you and mommy since your beginning.
E- is for EACH life you have changed.
R- is for how you will always be REMEMBERED.
I- is for the INSPIRATION your life has been to many.
N- is for how your mommy will NEVER forget you precious Lily.
E- is for EVERY blessing you brought to her life.

You may have noticed Lily's name written in all sorts of ways and places. Her name means so much to me because it is what I have left of her. One only gets a name when they are real. It means so much to me when people honor her name in some way. She's been honored from Australia to Hawaii and everywhere in between. If you'd like to do something special for Lily Katherine, I would love that! You can email it to me at and I will add it to her name gallery. :-)

I'd love you to share the significance and meaning of your name or your child/children's name. :-)



  1. A beautiful name! She is a Princess indeed of the New Heaven and the New Earth! [click to read]

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your doubly pure, beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing this with us, Hannah! Lily Katherine is a beautiful name.

  3. This is one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read! I was in much the same situation as you (pregnant and unwed) and this has surely given me a new perspective on the loss of my own precious son, Nathan Andrew (Nathan lived for two hours after he was born). I love what you wrote about Lily being "...forever...pure and innocent. Spotless. Untainted by the world and sin, never to know pain or suffering. She only knows the beauty of Heaven and the love of her family and King Jesus. She opened her eyes to see His face. His face, the first she ever beheld. What an amazing gift..." I never thought about all that until just now...30 years later...but Nathan has been bestowed the same gifts... the most awesome one being King Jesus as the first face he ever beheld! What an amazing gift indeed! Thank you so much for sharing, Hannah! I cannot tell you what peace this post has bestowed on for-far-too-long aching spirit. God bless you, Sweet Sister! Thank you! <3

  4. I name William Scott.. after my father and after my husband.

  5. We had a few options when I was in labor with my son. We decided to give him a chance at life so when he passed I asked his father his name and he said Chance Lee. Lee being daddys middle name.

  6. My son named my little one Malachi

  7. Leland Germain Lemay, he was named that from day one and when he was born still at 39 weeks it really suited him! miss him dearly!

  8. ...we let my stepson name his brother....and, i gave him his middle name ♥

  9. Dylan was one of the names we narrowed it down to, and after we found out our babylove was a boy, Dylan it was for sure. His middle name, Joseph, is after my dad, who is also in heaven, but was here when Dylan was born still almost 11 years ago.

  10. Lucas James.....daddy picked it out.....and a good job he did

  11. Hope Maree...i wanted an H name and maree is my middle name...i picked it before she passed. I believe i did a good job :)

  12. Tiernan = Gaelic for Lord of the Household....miss you...

  13. God gve me Katherine's name in a dream. Katherine Joanne. It was only recently that I looked up the meanings of her names. Katherine=pure (and she will forever be that!) and Joanne=God is gracious. Everytime I say her name I am reminded that God made her pure and that God is gracious. What is even more amazing is that each of our living children's names have a "blessing" in them. Either their first or middle name was chosen as a way to honor the Lord. This was a tradition started with my husband, who is NOT Katherine's father. (she died years before I met him) I was moved to tears when I looked up the meanings of her name and realized that her "blessing" was in her name as well. God is gracious. I needed to KNOW that God is gracious after she died, but I did not. I was angry at Him for allowing my daughter, who was SO MUCH wanted and loved, to die and to allow my womb to become a tomb when He allowed another girl's baby to live, only to be put in a trash bag and thrown in a dumpster by his mother. That baby was rescued and adopted and the mother went to prison, but that did not help my anger. All I can say is, I have learned that God IS gracious and I now have peace in my daughter's death and the loss of my 7th child (sex unknown) as well. I will never stop missing either of my babies and the 8 living children God has given me will never replace them. I held Katherine for a moment in my arms, but I hold both my lost babies forever in my heart.

  14. Her name is Josie Kenna. Josie is a combination of my name and my SO Josh (Rosie + Josh) and her middle name Kenna because Josh's dad is Kenneth and his brother is Kenneth. We couldn't decide between Kennedy and Kenna and my SO picked Kenna so we went with it. This was her name way before she was born though.

  15. We named our angel Isabella Grace...she was born to the angels on Aug 18 2011 at 37Weeks. The name suits her because Isabella means consecrated to perfect...

  16. Samuel John after our fathers... means his name is God and gift of God.

  17. My husband and I let my two other children name their baby brother, my son, who was 9 at the time chose his first name, and my daughter 20, chose his middle name, Joseph Taylor Jordan, forever loved and missed♥


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