Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Name Event '13

I participated in the Mother's Day Name Event that Catherine from Gabriel's Garden hosted. 

This is what the project is for:

The purpose of this project is to support one another on Mother's Day, find healing and peace, remember our babies, and connect with other mamas in the babyloss community. We all love to see our babies' names written by others and hopefully find peace in sharing this simple comfort with others.

It is a project for people who have babies in Heaven. We each got a list of names of babies to write in a creative way and we also receive photos (I will share all the photos others make for me once I receive them all.)

I finished taking the photos and editing them just tonight (I really wanted to finish them to send out in time for Mother's Day!) It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for the photos.

I decided to write each baby's name on petals on my pink gerber daisies I got from my mom for Mother's Day. It will be planted in my daughter Lily's Memorial Garden at my house. I wanted to share my flowers with you. :)

Today was a tough day for me, but it was truly very healing to do something for these babyloss mamas. It really helped me get through the day and felt like I was doing something for my babies, while at the same time doing something for other babies. It really brightened my spirits! So thank you mamas for allowing me to honor your babies. :)

I hope you like the photos, ladies! It was really difficult to write the names (I tried to write them somewhat neatly.) My hand wasn't very steady...but, I think/hope they turned out alright. 

I hope and pray you've had a gentle, peaceful, and beautiful Mother's Day...whether you celebrate with some or all your children in Heaven. Much love and hugs!

Thank you so much, Catherine, for hosting this!

Here all the photos I took:

My Lily and Luke

My Lily Katherine

My Luke Shiloh

For Vicki

For Kayla

For Naomi

For Catherine

For Jessica

For Gale

For Gale

For Angela

For Tracey

For Stacy

For Mandy

For Melissa

For Kyla


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  1. What a beautiful idea!! And all of your photos came out so gorgeous. Thank you so much for participating in the Name Event. Love to you this Mother's Day!


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