Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I absolutely love the piano and violin. I find that these two instruments so beautifully capture and express so many feelings, emotions, and longings that could never be put into words. That's what's so amazing about music - that it can touch a place so deep within us.

The Jane Eyre Soundtrack is so beautiful. I listened to a song today from that soundtrack and it reminded me of my precious Lily girl. Honestly, it doesn't take much to be reminded of her. So many songs make me think of her. And miss her so.

This particular song is called Awaken. It's simply lovely... so sad, yet so beautiful. So moving and graceful. It reminds me of my darling daughter who danced into my heart and life and left me changed forever. It articulates in a way words cannot express the beauty her life has brought to mine and the sorrow that's come from losing her. Yet the sorrow could never take away or overshadow the lifelong beauty that's flowed from her brief life.

Even the name of the song reminds me of her. Because she awakened me to life. New LIFE in Him. She awakened my heart to true love, beauty, peace, and joy. She awakened my eyes to see Truth, which is Jesus. God used her valuable, precious life to change mine forever... to awaken me to my calling. The calling that I've had my entire life, but that was only revealed through her...


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