Friday, July 12, 2013

Lockets for Lily Origami Owl Fundraiser

A sweet friend of mine named Stephanie is doing an online fundraiser to help our with the costs of Lily's memorial headstone. She is an Independent Designer for Origami Owl and will be donating 20% of all sales associated with this fundraiser to go directly towards honoring Lily!

More information for those interested in honoring Lily with me in this way:

Create a living locket! You personalize it to your life, milestones, things you love, your passions, etc. You can tell your story with jewelry. I fell in love with Origami Owl when I first saw it. It's a great way to express yourself. It's also a great gift idea!

** I will be donating 20% from all sales that are associated with this fundraiser to Hannah Rose so she can move forward in providing her daughter with a memorial stone. If you would like to donate to Lily's Memorial Stone without placing an order you can visit

To order online you can go to Stephanie's website:

When you get to the site for first time you will need to Create An Account. On the check out page you will see an area called Jewelry Bar Information with a drop-down menu which will list Lockets for Lily as the hostess. Please select Lockets for Lily's party at checkout. It will look like this:

(176259) Lockets for Lily - Fundraiser to raise money for Lily's memorial stone - 7/19/2013

You can also contact Stephanie and place your order with her as well. Email:

Don't forget to book your own Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, contact Stephanie to set your date and tell her you are supporting Lockets for Lily! 

Party ends 07/19/2013 (so all orders need to be placed by this date)

Thank you for considering honoring my daughter with me in this way... since there will never be any birthday or Christmas gifts, this is one of the only things anybody can ever do for her. I wanted to give others the gift of honoring her with me. Take a look around on the Origami Owl website - they have so many lovely options for everyone!


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