Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Climbing Clouds

Remember a few months ago when I posted about supporting the talented Jetty Rae in the making of her EP/music videos?

Well, I'm super excited that the single from her new album, "Climbing Clouds," was released today - along with a music video!

It is about the loss of her baby daughter. I can completely relate to her words and the feelings conveyed in the video... how blue skies turn to grey when a little one slips away. What it's like to prepare for a precious babe, only to have them leave before they arrive.

I really like Jetty Rae's unique sound (especially because this song is about something I connect with) and am looking forward to receiving my signed CD from her soon!

"You are like a raindrop that fell from a cloud.
When you hit the pavement it was so loud.
Even if I'm the only one who heard the sound."

Follow Jetty Rae on Facebook and Twitter! If you like the song, you can purchase it on iTunes! :) Pass it on to those who you think might also like it.



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