Monday, May 19, 2014

The Age of 20

My "little" sister Emma turns 20 today. The baby of my family is now in her twenties. Our twin older brothers turn 30 in July. I turn 25 in August.

I have been thinking of Lily, knowing that Bub (my sister's nickname) is now 20. I keep thinking about how 20 was the age I was when I gave birth to my sweet baby girl. How can my little sister now be that same age?! Seriously, time flies.

It is hard feeling like I am moving more and more away from my girl as the years pass by. Next month, it will be five years since I got pregnant with Lily. Five years. Just soak in that number for a moment.

I have been thinking about how on my 20th birthday, I was pregnant with Lily. It seems so young, now that I am a few years past that age. I have been thinking about how the month that I turned 20 was the month the Lord turned my world upside down and rescued me from my life of sin and rebellion. The month that I almost had an abortion on August 15th, 2009. I never could have imagined on my 20th birthday all that God had planned for Lily's life and legacy and how much I would grow to love her. How He would give me a mother's heart.

I pray this year brings something beautiful and life-changing for my sister like it did for me.


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