Friday, May 9, 2014

Through Laughter and Tears

My friend Heather wrote me a song in honor of Lily for her birthday this year. It is a gift that I will treasure forever - the words, her voice, and the melody are hauntingly beautiful.

The part that I think may get to me the most in the entire song is the part that says, "through laughter and tears, I will not forget sweet Lily, my beautiful girl."

These words take my breath away and bring me to my knees in thanking the Lord for her life, as well as missing her beyond description.

Every time I hear this part, it's almost like my future flashes before my eyes and I think of all the beauty that I believe God has in store, from marriage to more babies, and everything that comes with a full life lived out for Jesus.

Through the laughter and tears that will make up the rest of my years, I will never forget sweet Lily, my beautiful girl. The little girl who altered my existence. It will be because of how the Lord changed me through her that I believe I will have many future blessings.

Even when I am 80-years-old, with grandchildren and perhaps great-grandchildren, I will never, could never, ever forget my precious first baby girl, my Lily Katherine. If it weren't for her, I truly believe my life would be on a completely different path at this time.

Through laughter and tears... oh, how this captures life without her. There is much joy to be found on this side of Heaven, even without Lily. But she is always on my heart, always in the back of my mind, through the ups and downs of life. And she will never be forgotten, when I'm smiling or when I'm crying.

I honor her life by laughing. By living. By rejoicing. And celebrating. By thanking the Lord for the transformation that occurred in me through her.

You can listen to Lily's song below or by clicking HERE.



  1. The song is beautiful and yes, she left a legacy, and her Mama is sharing the love of God. Have a blessed Mother’s Day.

    Mary Jo

  2. Your friend is amazingly talented. Beautiful music, song, and voice. It seems like she really captured your feelings.


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