Friday, July 4, 2014

Lily's Spot Decorated for Independence Day

I found some cute stuff at Michael's on sale to decorate Lily's spot with for July 4th/Independence Day. My brothers and I went to Virginia for the first weekend of summer (Adam moved back). I got everything for only $6. A little pinwheel that blows in the wind, red, white, and blue flowers, and a miniature American flag. They are all together in her vase. I think it looks so cute, bright, and cheerful!

I decided to take the flag stand down for now because the butterfly flag doesn't really match the 4th of July decor. I like how sweet and simple the stone looks with just these decorations.

After the fourth of July, my brother and grandmother are going to take back the summer flowers and flag stand. I like Lily' spot to always have decorations for the different seasons and holidays. :)

with my twin older brothers, Adam and Joseph, Lily's uncles
with my grandmother "Bumma," Lily's great-grandmother

Here is a little video of Lily's pinwheel spinning in the wind.


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