Monday, March 23, 2015

5-Year-Old Girls

Someone I know told me on Saturday that they took their grandson to a little girl's birthday party. Her name is Lily and she just turned 5. She had a Frozen-themed party at a bowling alley. I hate not knowing Lily at 5, I hate not knowing what she would like, I hate not being able to throw her a birthday party, and that I'll never meet the friends she would have had.

And I've been seeing photos of 5th birthday parties posted by people I know who had children around the time I had Lily.

These things prompted me to write the following poem about my should-be-5-year-old....

5-year-old girls should bring boisterous laughter and constant chatter
Glitter, baby dolls, and pigtails should be what matter

5-year-old girls should never leave you alone
Instead of silence gripping your heart as you talk to a stone

5-year-old girls should love Frozen, dressing up, and American Girl too
Not leave us wondering what we're missing and who

5-year-old girls should no longer be babies
Rather than a question mark of a lifetime of maybes

My 5-year-old girl will never be 5
But in Heaven she waits, that's where she's alive



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