Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Meeting Skylar's Family

This past weekend was incredibly special! I got to meet a fellow bereaved mother and speak at her church in Virginia. :)

Shannon found my blog shortly after her daughter Skylar was stillborn last October and we've been in contact online since then. Her church invited me to speak at their women's meeting this month, which was an honor. The adventures God takes me on while sharing my story are beautiful. One of the best parts is that I get to travel to other parts of the country and meet amazing people who become fast friends.

There's something uniquely and unspeakably precious about meeting face-to-face with another mother whose lost her only child, a baby girl at full-term just like Lily. We shared tears and laughter, memories and mementos. We marveled at the difference in feet sizes (my girl's were longer and hers were shorter and wider) and hair color (my girl's was blondish brown and hers was jet black). πŸ’•

We even have some of the same keepsake items (just in different colors)... like our girl's foot impressions.

Shannon and her husband, Tracy, hosted me in their lovely home. They are already so precious to me, as is their sweet baby girl. The Lord crosses our paths with others and perfectly ordains our lives and comforts us through others walking similar paths. They made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I arrived. I have learned a thing or two about hospitality from the two of them. Their country life with their log cabin, flowers, vegetables, horses, cats, dogs, private pool, etc. is basically what I dream for myself one day.

This is Blake. Dogs like this make room for more pups in this cat lady's heart. ;)

They had this welcome basket and some stargazer lilies (my favorite) waiting for me! How thoughtful and generous of them. I love the special "Lily touches" included, such as the "L" journal and the red-velvet cake mix.

Gorgeous sunset!

My speech went well and I enjoyed getting to chat some with those who attend Shannon's church. I had a display table set up to share some Lily things. I was also able to share Lily's song/tribute video.

It was meaningful to see the ways in which Shannon is mothering Skylar in the ways she can... such as creating this gorgeous garden at her church.

And creating this lovely little garden that greets you as you pull into her driveway.

Not pictured is Skylar's room, with each and every thing in there having been picked out with tender love and thoughtfulness. I feel as if I am getting to know Skylar through getting to know her parents and let me tell you, she is a beautiful little girl.

I'm thankful we got to meet in person! Thank You Jesus, for the gift of friendship and our beautiful daughters. I'm looking forward to a long friendship and how wonderful they only lives a couple hours away.

August 2017 Update:

This was in Shannon's local paper. It's an article on my recent visit to her town to speak at her church. πŸ˜Š πŸ’• πŸŒΈ  #LilysLegacy #LilyandSkylar #bereavedmothers



  1. Not only is each piece in Skylar's room specially picked, but some walls were moved and closet space adjusted! (Tracy works in construction & remodeling of homes.)

  2. It is kind of you to share your visit with us on your blog. Meeting you in person was very special. You have a genuine spirit, a kind heart and a love for Jesus from which we all can learn. You are a beautiful Mother leaving a profound legacy for Luke and Lily!

    Tracy and I appreciated the opportunity to share Skylar with you in a way only we can understand. You’re a great listener and a great friend! Thanks for sharing Lily’s scrapbooks with us, too!

    You are brave to be so vulnerable to share your unique and heartbreaking story with others. Even though everyone may not relate to the specific circumstances, your story of redemption, grace and hope is applicable to everyone.

    May God continue to bless you as you share Luke and Lily’s story. And may others listen with open hearts and minds, so they too may come to know the grace and hope He provides!


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