Sunday, December 27, 2009

City of Brotherly Love

Well, here I am...sitting here at the oldest hotel in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. It is historical, yet cozy and has all the 21st century amenities. The Eagles/Broncos game is playing on the seemingly out of place flat-screen HD TV and I am partly paying attention to it. Definitely an exciting game, (27-24 currently) considering it's Brian Dawkins' first year with the Broncos, playing on the opposing side of the Eagles at his beloved home stadium where he played so many times. Not only that, but my brothers and mom happen to be at the game, so we've been trying to spot them in the crowd. The SONY video camera has been put to good use the last couple days, capturing the historical essence of the city and forever recording the beautiful moments shared with family. Things are changing. I want to remember these times always. These times with my little sister, whose growing up all too fast. Right now, she's fifteen and going through the stage of make-up, hair straightening, stressing over clothes, and the world of iPods and laptops. Yet, she's still so little, so innocent. There's something so special about her. She doesn't seem to be affected by the world, as most fifteen-year-old girls are. What a blessing that is. I want to maintain that childlike innocence...Something none of us should lose with age. Yet, there's only so much I can do. She's going to have to go through hard things herself to realize what a cruel world this is. To realize how desperate she is for God. And then there's my twenty-five year old twin brothers. Living in North Carolina while they are in Virginia, I don't get to see them as much as I'd like. So, I value this time we're together. Joseph loves Philadelphia, he loves the Eagles. I'm really enjoying this time together as a family. It's so lovely here in Philly right after Christmas. All the lights are still up and it's quite enjoyable strolling the streets, stopping at cute little coffee shops for hot cider. I'll post more later...with pictures too.


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