Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life Happenings...

Well, I'm almost 32 weeks along now. My due date is two months from today...March 14th. Where is the time going? I'm getting very eager and excited, anticipating Lily's arrival. In a way, I feel like I simply cannot wait, but in a way, I feel totally unprepared.

I've been bustling around so much lately, organizing, cleaning, rearranging...I didn't really realize what this was all about until my mom pointed out last night that I'm 'nesting.' Too true! It's so funny that mothers of all species do this to prepare for their young. I feel like I simply cannot rest until everything is perfectly prepared for this little girl. My mind is constantly going with thoughts of what I still need to do...Finish organizing, cleaning, baby-proofing, getting her nursery ready, getting everything she'll need in the first few weeks of life, washing all her clothes so they're clean and fresh. Getting together what I'll need in my first few weeks of being a new mother, getting my baby registry prepared, getting my hospital bag ready as well as Lily's coming home bag prepared. Packing and repacking. Making lists...lots of lists...of everything. What to add to my registry, what I need, what to pack, etc. My mind is definitely extremely organized these days. I guess it's just part of becoming a mother. I realize I have someone else to take care of now...It's not just me. Things are going to be changing so much. I pray that I'll be ready. I pray that I can finish getting ready before Baby decides to join us.

I'm also planning my baby shower. I'll be having one on February 13th with NC friends and one in May when we go to Massanutten, with VA friends and family. The one in February is going to be a Valentine's theme shower...Lots of chocolate and pink! I'm getting very excited about the shower itself, as well as seeing old friends! I'm going to go to Michael's today to get supplies to make my own baby shower invitations. I love card-making now. :) I'll try to post some pictures of the finished cards before I send them off...Anyways, just a little update on what's been happening here in Raleigh.


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