Saturday, January 2, 2010

You're My Only Hope.

My soul pants for You, God.
It knows its desperation.
The tears and pain,
A world without you...
It rips my heart out.
It wants me defeated.

But, my head is down,
Tilted down.
You make me look up.
You are there.
I see your face...
Those eyes.
You take Your hand
And brush it softly across my cheek.
You don't like those tears.
You don't want to see that pain.
You pull my hair back and tenderly whisper to me,
Your Beloved...

"Do not fear.
I am here.
Let me take your pain.
Turn those tears into rain.
Hold onto me.
I will always be
Faithful to you, my love."

My soul knows this is truth.
In a world with greyness, doubt, and confusion.
It's the only thing of which I'm certain.
It's my only hope...
You're my only hope.


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