Friday, March 25, 2011

Necklace with Lily's Actual Footprints Engraved

All the memories I will ever have of Lily can be stored in one small memory chest. Instead of a lifetime of memories, scrapbooks and clothes outgrown, what rests in that box is all I have. Instead of bins of barbie dolls and magazines from American Girl, I have a baby doll that waits in a crib for a little girl that will never come. Instead of a future of stories and laughter, I have merely memories of stories and laughter while I carried her inside me. Instead of hair cuts and braids, I have a small strand of her hair. Instead of scribbled papers that are priceless pieces of art in my eyes, I have papers that the hospital gave on how to deal with grief. Instead of a little girl presenting the news like her mommy did, saying things like, "George Washington had a very bad day today," I have an imagination that I use to try to picture how my little girl might have been. 

A lifetime of memories has to fit into that little chest. And it's not'll never be enough. But, it's all I have. And I cling to it.

Because I cannot always carry around Lily's chest to share with friends and family, I was thrilled to discover that 'My Forever Child' offers custom engraved pieces. This necklace is one of my favorite sacred keepsakes and I wear it close to my heart each day. It's like I carry a piece of Lily around with me wherever I go and whenever anyone asks me about my necklace, I beam with pride as I tell them they are my baby's actual footprints.

The detail is amazing and her footprints are perfectly captured. I was so pleased with how well the necklace turned out! The turn-around time is supposed to take about three weeks, but I mentioned that Lily's birthday was that week and was tearful and happy when the package arrived in the mail a mere week later.

I would highly recommend both anyone who has a living child or suffered the loss of a child to look into the custom engraved jewelry at

Thank you so much for lovingly creating this priceless piece of art, Susan. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing. You have no idea how much having this necklace means to me. Blessings to you.

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  1. Lily's prints are gorgeous. I have the same necklace with Ella's prints and it's my most favorite piece. xo

  2. It is so beautiful! So pretty for birthday presents.


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