Friday, March 25, 2011

His Love is Contagious

When I gaze into the eyes of the greatest Lover,

I see the hope I need to get through tomorrow.

I gain Your strength.

Your love is contagious.

I can't run from such love.

It's real.

If I try to turn away from it and live for me,

Just one look back at you makes me run into Your arms.

And hold on tighter than ever before.

You are life to me!

Your majesty and Your love.

I want to touch Your face.



  1. Hannah,

    This is a beautiful poem! I think you should post this on your "All Things Lovely" blog as well. :)


  2. I wish His love was contagious for everyone!

  3. I too just wish I could scream from a roof top how true this is, and that Christ is the ONLY one to pull you up when your heart is breaking! Love it!


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