Friday, December 23, 2011

She was there through it all

"Surely the Lord purposes precious friendships as quiet whispers of encouragement along the paths we walk." -my dear friend, Kala

I've talked quite a bit on this blog of mine about a special friend. She was the first person that ever knew about my Lily girl. Once I chose LIFE, I was suddenly facing the choice between adoption and parenting. I knew that either choice would be hard to make...either choice would bring discomfort and pain. I pored over videos, songs, and stories about adoption. There were many tears shed over the thought of it. I just wanted what God wanted. I wanted His will. For so long, I had done what wanted to do. People constantly told me their opinions, but I had to do what God led me to do...what I knew in my heart He matter how afraid I was.

During the time I was considering adoption, a beautiful friendship was forged, with a young woman not much younger than myself. Her name is Bex and she is one of the bravest, strongest people I know. When she was eighteen, she went through an unexpected pregnancy and chose LIFE for her baby boy, Kip. She ended up choosing adoption. I knew about her story because Eric and Leslie Ludy (who started Ellerslie) adopted her little boy. I felt the gentle tug of my Jesus, asking me to trust Him. He assured me that He gave her the strength to get through it and He'd give me the strength as well. 

I contacted Bex, in search of support and encouragement, before I had the courage to tell anyone else I was pregnant. I wrote her, pouring my heart out to her and telling her my story. She wrote back with such compassion. She knew what I was going through...and that's what I needed at that point in time. Someone who "got it." Someone who had walked the very road I was walking now. She shared her story with me and prayed for me. She encouraged me. God knew what He was doing when He brought her into my life.

Not only was Bex the first person that knew about Lily and a part of what God used to give me strength and courage, but she was there for support the entire pregnancy. She was there when I lost Lily. She's been there the whole time. I cannot fully put to words how precious her friendship is to me and what type of bond we have. We've walked similar paths and have both, in a sense had to let go of our babies.

We've had this beautiful friendship for close to two and a half years and just this October when I went out to Ellerslie, I got to meet Bex for the first time in person. Right away, we felt so comfortable with each other and we just clicked. Of course we love each other and always will, but it was wonderful that our personalities fit together so well in person! 

We had precious times together in Colorado the last couple months, sharing tears over pregnancy memories, discussing what it was like the days after saying goodbye to our little ones, blog entries, songs that are special to us, letters from Kip's entrustment ceremony, and many laughs. Bex also invited me to Kip's 3rd birthday party with her. It was very special to finally meet this little guy. This precious little boy that has no idea how his life has affected me. How his life affected my girl. It is so beautiful to see the ripple affects of a life and how God continues to use Kip's in so many ways...

Bex, Kip, and I at his 3rd birthday party..silly fella, we couldn't get him to do a normal face



  1. Precious Hannah you look so alive standing next to the girl who the Lord has used so dearly in your life! (only thing missing is me!! Kidding... Sort of.. ;) ). Surely the Lord purposes precious friendships as quiet whispers of encouragement along the paths we walk. And Kip! What a cutie :)!!

  2. Sweet memories together...and more to come! You are an inspiration, comfort, and encouragement to me. I love you, Hannah Rose!

  3. What a beautiful blessing the two of you are to each other. May God continue to bless both of you!


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