Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lily's Beach Prayer Flag

The lovely Carly Marie has come up with an amazing idea to honor of all the precious babies of Heaven. It is called the October 15th Beach Prayer Flag Project. Each year, she hosts a beautiful remembrance ceremony on Christian's Beach in Perth Western Australia, for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It is the very beach where she writes thousands of babies names on the shore with gorgeous sunsets splashed across the sky. So many people around the world wish they could be there in person for this special event, but since that is not possible, Carly got this incredible idea...

For babyloss parents around the world to make a 9inx12in blessing/prayer flag in honor of their precious little one! Basically you can use whatever materials you want (I love how much room for creativity there is) and put your child's name and special dates, if desired, somewhere on the flag. Then, mail them on down to Australia where Carly Marie and her friends there will string all the beautiful flags together to hang up at the beach for the candlelight ceremony.

If you still want to participate in this beautiful event, Carly said she will accept them until the day before the ceremony. Check out more information about it and quickly make your flag to send to Carly Marie at:
This is a beautiful and special idea and I am so honored to participate. I knew I wanted to as soon as I first read about it over a month ago...but then I forgot until my friend Morgan brought it up last Saturday. I realized I literally only had a couple days to plan it all out, get the supplies, make it, and ship it. Well, thanks to my amazingly crafty and talented mom who wanted to participate, we got it done in time!

The design for the entire flag was inspired by my sister's old pair of pajama shorts. My mom had been saving them because she loved the colors and butterflies so much and hoped to do something with them someday. Well we found that something. We took a trip to our local Michael's craft store and picked out the matching colors and accessories that we wanted to use. We felt a little bit under pressure with needing to finish it so quickly, so I expected to like it, but not love it.

Well, it turns out I LOVE IT! I couldn't be more happy with how it looks. I love the colors, the butterflies, obviously, and seeing Lily's name and birthday makes my heart smile. :)

It was truly so special to do something to mother and grandmother our Lily girl. We loved designing it together and my mom enjoyed making it for her precious granddarling. Thanks so much, mother dear, for helping me with this special project!! I am going to make the second flag to add to Lily's memory chest. I need lots more time than my mom lol. :)

This week, we got it in the mail to head across the world. Another special thing is my friend Morgan and I mailed our prayer flags together to save money on shipping. She made an adorable flag for her sweet son, Marcellus! It's precious to think of their flags going across the ocean together to get to their destination.

I am so excited to see all the flags together for such a beautiful evening of remembrance. It will be amazing to see all the love poured into these flags and how different people made them! They will take photos of each flag and then of them all strung together. I am sure it will bring tears to my eyes. What a powerful display of love for our little babes. Though they are not here to do things for daily, it means so much to be given the gift and opportunity to actually do something for them.

The "before" picture with all the materials ready :)

The "after" picture!
Look at the amazing detail.

I knew I wanted lace, but I was so pleased to find lace with flowers, since Lily is my little flower! I love the cross-stitch. The two butterflies on the top symbolize Lily and Luke in Heaven and the butterfly below symbolizes me, on earth. I know we will all be together again in NEW LIFE.
Carly asked us to send along a note with information about who the flag is made for, a little about them, their special dates, what part of the world they are from, etc. This is what I wrote.
My L's and Morgan's M's flags ready to go! You can tell they are very much for a little girl and little boy :)
Our little flags on their way to the land down unda! :)



  1. WOW those are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So beautiful and thoughtful and meaningful and SO filled with love!! My Claire's is on her way there too! Such a bittersweet ceremony. As excited as I am to see all of the flags flying it just breaks my heart to know that they are flying for babes that are no longer here.

    See you (in pics) down unda! ;)

    x <3 o

  3. They are both such beautiful flags! This post reminded me that no matter how short on earth a life may be, it is valuable. Our pure memories and the honour of others are things to cherish and celebrate, and I love how you do that - holding onto the sacred. xo
    P.S. excited you are visiting down under - in a little way! can't wait until you come here fully one day! xx

  4. nice post thanks for sharing...i found your blog thrue other follower if you might ask ...looking for to visit more...nice to share Gods word thrue our blogs..blessings

  5. Love. I'm about to start making mine


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