Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Little Gal

Remember my friend Alyssa who I blogged about a couple months ago? She and her husband Kendrick were anticipating the arrival of their rainbow baby, Olivia Rose!!

Well, I wanted to give a little update for everyone who has been praying for their little family. Olivia arrived on July 31st and weighed the same as my Lily did at birth-7 pounds 9 ounces. Their whole journey has been so difficult with trying to conceive, losing their precious Liliana, going on bedrest with Olivia, and issues during pregnancy and delivery. Olivia truly is their little miracle baby. After spending a couple days in the NICU after birth, she got to go home with her happy parents.

Guess what else...this week, I am officially Olivia Rose's nanny! It's such an honor, gift, and joy for me. I have so many things in common with their family so it makes it extra special. I truly believe Olivia Rose and I share a special connection because not only do we share our middle name, but her sister named Lily Allen (yes, we share a last name as well) and my daughter named Lily Allen are together in Heaven. Liliana was due on August 12th-my birthday!

I love cuddling this sweet baby and am so overjoyed for Kendrick and Alyssa that they finally have her in their arms, healthy and happy!

Olivia is only 6 weeks old now and is perfect for my little photography subject! ;) It is such a healing and beautiful thing for me to be around and caring for a baby girl. I am thanking Jesus for the gift He's giving me in caring for this very special little princess. He worked out all the details so I can continue with my other nanny jobs as well. My nickname for her is "the little gal." I already love her so very much and am excited to see her grow up! She couldn't have sweeter, more deserving parents. And seriously...she is truly a beautiful baby and already looks so feminine!

A precious picture of Olivia's adorable baby toes... I could only capture a couple before
she was fussing and ready to be held again. I don't mind holding her one bit ;)
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  1. Hannah, you inspire me so much to have the testimony you do and yet find joy and peace in holding a baby girl. You remind me that I need to find my joy in Christ, outside of all my experiences and my circumstances. And I know that then His light will shine and bring warmth and light to those dark places I hide in my heart...
    And then I'll treasure small ones like Olivia even more, because I know I'll be seeing them with His eyes and not my blind ones.
    Love and blessings, Rachael xo

  2. WOW amazing connection with your nanny family! Love these sweet pictures you are such a wonderful testimony.Praying for gods blessings and favor on your life!


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