Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Artwork by Carly Marie

I thought I'd share my gorgeous Christmas artwork in honor of Lily and Luke from Carly Marie. It is very special and sweet to include my babies in the holidays, even in small ways like this. I just LOVE everything Carly does and am always wanting to grow my collection of things from her. :)

Just in case anyone is interested in purchasing some of Carly's artwork in honor of their baby for Christmas, the first four photos are from the Christmas Butterfly Gallery, the next two photos are customized Christmas Sand Trees, drawn on a beach in Australia and the last two photos are more Christmas Butterflies. This year, Carly is also offering lovely images from the Holiday Season Remembrance Gallery.

You could print your special image and include it in your Christmas cards. Or you could print and frame them and have them by a special tree for your baby. 

Thank you Carly Marie for all you do! I really appreciate the artwork you gave me free of charge.

For more ideas on how to honor your child this Christmas, click here.

Much love and hugs as you prepare for Christmas,

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