Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spoken Word Blog

I am participating in the Second Annual Spoken Word Blog Round-Up that Angie at still life with circles is hosting. It's my first year taking part and I'm really excited about it. 

The idea behind it is to pick a blog post that was written within the past year and read it aloud on camera to post and share with others. I think it's an incredible idea for the babyloss community because it connects us in a way we haven't been connected before. I have been reading some of these blogs of the people who are participating for a couple years and am quite accustomed to their "written voice." But, it's so special to put a real voice and face to the name and written voice. So when I think of their precious babies, I can think of what they really look like. We all have a specific written voice and personality and it's fun to see how their real voice lines up with what we imagined. 

In reading what someone wrote, it can be easy to read it the way we think it should sound, but when the one who wrote it reads it, we hear it for how it was truly intended.

This is what Angie said about the project:

"I love hearing writers read their words, and blogs suffer from an immediacy problem. Our feelings are temporary, we capture them in a post, we move on. But I don't want you to move on. Some of the best essays I have been privileged to read have come out of this community of writers and readers. And I don't know, I would love to hear them read by the person who wrote them.

...for this project, I am asking bloggers to read through their blog and pick a piece that they think would translate well into spoken word. Tell us why you chose it, if you want. And then, read it for a microphone or camera. Like we are doing a reading. You can even drink coffee and play the bongos if you are so inclined."

After looking back over my posts from the past year, I narrowed it down to two that I couldn't choose between. So why not share both? :) Both posts were written when I was really missing Lily and I feel I captured that well through my words. I don't want to forget those feelings. I want to share them with others to give them a glimpse into my grief and love for my girl. Over two and a half years after losing Lily, this is how I'm feeling...

I'm going to be honest when I say this is really intimidating. It's a bit awkward to record myself on a camera to share with the world, especially when I'm sharing something so personal. But, I am going to just do it! Because this is such a powerful thing to be a part of. It is simply amazing to hear the hearts of those sharing.

I encourage you to do the same. Please join me and the others participating by clicking here. I'd love to "meet" you in a new, beautiful way! I am hoping to comment on each video posted and would love to hear your thoughts on mine! Thank you to everyone who is is a joy to hear you share your hearts and your babies. And a special thank you to Angie for hosting this! :)

Both of these videos are my first attempts at recording, so I stumbled over my words a couple times. But, I wanted to capture that authenticity and not making it too perfect. we go! 

motherhood and tears

what March means to me

Thank you for watching!

Love and hugs,

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  1. Thank you for requesting your site to be posted in the Blog Directory

    ' can't help but read some of your posts and saw this video. Just lost my Alanna, little over 2-months, I'm still lost and struggling to survive and balance back my life. I've been having problem balancing my life with my family especially with my 3 living children and my lost baby Alanna. There are days when Im happy and there are days when Im sad. Just hard that there are time when you happy and smiling but then your heart is breaking because of the thought that Im missing someone :(

    I find reading blogs from other bereaved parents helps me a lot that things I'm feeling are normal, again thank you for sharing!

    **I'll be parking my self in ur blog for awhile and will work with your link on the Blog Directory.


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