Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lily's Spot Decorated for Christmas

Last week, I was visiting family and friends in Virginia. It was a lovely week. I got to visit Lily's special spot twice. Last Saturday, I decorated it for Christmas. It was November 24th, so a month from Christmas Eve...what a nice day to do it.

I had been anticipating decorating her spot for a while. I was on the look out for things whenever I went shopping. I found several nice things for her from Target and Dollar General. 

Here is Lily's spot all decorated for Christmas with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the background!

Here I am visiting Lily's spot after I decorated it.

I left the pumpkin there that my friend Elise brought Lily for Autumn!

Here is the temporary marker I got Lily back in the summer. There are three different inserts I can choose from. I put the Christmas insert in.

Here is Lily Bear in her Christmas outfit!

I got Lily a white mini Christmas tree! White for purity. :)

I got an "L" ornament for her tree.

I decorated with a cute little wreath and a red bow.

I added a mini stocking and some other decor to her angel statue.

Some glittery butterflies and the thing underneath it has little Christmas presents on it.

Here is Lily Bear sitting on Aunt Rachel's and Bumpa's bench!

Here are my grandmother "Bumma" and I sitting on the bench by Lily's spot.

Bumma loves Lily Bear. :)

My twin brothers (Adam and Joseph) also came with us to visit Lily's spot and helped me decorate it!

How much I wish my little girl was here and that I was planning what to get her for Christmas and what special things we could do, rather than decorating the space where her body lies beneath...but this is my reality. And I am thankful I got to be there to do this out of love in her honor.

What about you...have you decorated your baby's spot for Christmas or are you planning to? What did you/will you include?

By the way, I want to wish a special Happy 3rd Birthday in Heaven to my dear friend Lori's precious son, Matthew! Lori is one of the first people that started reading my blog and commenting. I hold her and all three of her boys in a special spot in my heart. Lori and Matthew have been on my mind all day. I am sure the celebration in Heaven is amazing. I'm celebrating his life today and everyday! You can check out Lori's beautiful blog here and read the post she wrote for Still Standing Online Magazine in honor of Matthew's birthday here.



  1. Glad you got to decorate Lily's place as you wished! We don't have any marker where my Lily was burried so I don't leave anything there. When everything is set, I would love to decorate with poinsettias... and of course, snap a fiew pics... Since I am here commenting, I noticed your "name pictures" on the side showing off one after the other like a slideshow... I tried to do this on my blog using the gadgets but just can't find how?? Could you give me tips?? You can send me a message on FB if you want to! Thanks! Naomi

  2. So beautiful! I love her Lily bear!

  3. I have a special altar at home for Acacius. I'm planning to make an ornament wreath for him this year.

  4. This is Calypso's grave. I've not blogged the decorations yet as I have more to add over the next few days <3

  5. I do! We have Bethlehem lights. They are on a timer so they light up at 530 every night until 11:00. So pretty!

  6. So sweet. I am visiting the cemetery today to decorate Seth's grave. I had to clear all the decorations off last week for annual clean off day. It broke my heart to leave his grave bare. I plan to decorate with blue and leave a baby's first Christmas ornament for him.


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