Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Life Within: Be a part of CausePub's latest book project!

You may remember that I was recently published in a book called "Couch Rebels," which was a project of CausePub.

Anyways, CausePub has a current project that I wanted to share with you lovely readers... there are many ways to get involved!

The Project: New Life Within: Real Moms. Real Babies. Real Stories.

The Cause: The first 1,000 copies sold will ensure that 40 women choose life by receiving help and encouragement via Gabriel Network!

For specific information regarding this project and to find out more about CausePub, click HERE.

The deadline for submissions is November 22nd (this Friday!) so if you are interested, you don't have much time. I will be finishing up my submission over the next couple days. Even if you don't care to submit, please consider pledging to buy the book. This is an awesome way to walk out your pro-life talk!


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