Thursday, November 14, 2013

From Pregnancy Test to Headstone

On November 2nd, the morning of Lily's stone placement and her stone placement ceremony, I went to the Lowe's Home Improvement store in Charlottesville, Virginia to pick up something I needed last minute for the installation process. As I was pulling into the parking lot, I realized that the Kroger where I had gotten the pregnancy test that confirmed I was pregnant with Lily was literally right across the street from Lowe's. 

The irony of that moment didn't escape me. Two places side-by-side - one symbolizes the beginning of her life, the other symbolizes the end. From pregnancy test to headstone. I never imagined just 4 years would separate those two moments. I never imagined walking out of that Kroger with pregnancy test in hand that one day I'd be walking out of that Lowe's with supplies for a headstone installation and that I'd be reflecting on it all... I never imagined I'd be where I am today. All that God has done between that day... as a scared 19-year-old finding out I was pregnant and not wanting a baby... to now... as a mother who loves and misses my daughter more than I could ever imagine and wanting to get the most beautiful stone to honor and celebrate my baby's brief, yet brilliant life. It's amazing to think about... how He changed and continues to change my life with hers. How I've grown up and matured so much because of her... So many memories and emotions flooded my heart in this moment.

This might seem like just a small coincidence, but the fact that I even went to the Lowe's that day was by the hand of God. I only found out late the night before the installation that I'd need something from the store. I almost went to a different store. And I have lived in North Carolina since early in my pregnancy with Lily for all these years since then. Her life began in Virginia and now her resting spot is in Virginia. I believe that God had me go to that Lowe's to be reminded afresh of the beauty of Lily's life and legacy, how He has a plan and purpose, and what a redeeming and merciful God He is. What a gift to be reminded...

It will take our breath away to see the beauty that He's made out of the ashes...

The photos below were taken in Charlottesville right near Kroger and Lowe's on the morning of Lily's stone placement... I love the mist, the blue sky, and the beautiful colors of the trees... I am thankful for what a gorgeous day it was.


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