Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Logo!

In case you haven't noticed, there's a new look around here... I'm so excited that I have a new logo for my blog and website! 

I found a talented graphic design artist on Etsy (Etsy has everything lol... I love it) who worked with me until the logo was exactly what I wanted it to be! I wanted a new design for a long time, but thought it would cost A LOT so I never really looked into it... then, I thought to look on Etsy and found a reasonably-priced incredible artist (check out the Inkblot GDS Etsy page HERE if you are in need of some affordable design services).

I asked for the design to look like water-color paint and to include a rose, lily, and butterfly (symbolizing me, Lily, and Luke). The butterfly is also symbolic of my new LIFE in Christ, all of our Eternal LIFE in Heaven, and how God brought me to LIFE because of my babies. I asked for whimsical, elegant, old-fashioned, and colorful (with these specific colors in mind). I just love the design and font! 

After almost a month of going back and forth with design proofs, this is perfect! It is actually the design of the rose, lily, and butterfly from Lily's headstone! So special... 

the rose and lily on front of Lily's stone, the new logo, and the butterfly on back of Lily's stone

I also decided to use my new logo for my photography logo as well! I'd love to have you see some of my photos and keep up with my photography on my Facebook page HERE.


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