Thursday, November 6, 2014

Her soul is mingled with mine forever

My Little One, My Dear One, My Love 
By Edward Searl

My little one, my dear one, my love,
you will be with me forever:
in the thin sunlight and long shadows
of a clear winter's day;
in the dawn excitement of birds
sounding in early spring;
in the rustle of heavy-leafed trees
in a mid-summer's night;
in the rich aromas and bright colors
of a warm autumn day.
All that is excellent,
brushed by Life's
brightness and shadow,
will remind me of you,
My little one, my dear one, my love.
You will beat with my heart,
see through my eyes,
hear with my ears,
feel on my skin.
Because your soul is mingled with my soul, forever,
My little one, my dear one, my love.

This is one of my favorite poems. It beautifully captures how my heart is knit to Lily's forever... through the passing of the seasons and the years, she will always be a part of me. She will always live on this Earth as long as I'm alive.


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