Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lily on Our Girl's Trip

Two of my dear friends (Bonnie from Alaska and Dusty from Illinois) that I met in Colorado at Ellerslie in the fall of 2011 came to visit me for almost a week at the end of October. We had such a special time - they met more of my family, we spent some time in Raleigh where I live, we visited the beach in North Carolina, and the mountains of Virginia. So much fun and adventure was packed into the six days they were here! I loved being able to share some of the places and people that mean the most to me.

It meant so much to me to be able to share Lily's spot with my friends. Dusty said she never could have imagined when I shared my testimony with her (and a few other girls) at a Starbucks in Colorado that she'd one day be seeing Lily's spot and all the other places I talked about (I gave them an extensive, but quick tour of the area and significant places to me).

Lily's spot with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background

Of course, there were reminders of Lily throughout our trip. One night, we ate at a diner at Carolina Beach (that I had been to before with my brother, sister, and sister-in-law). As soon as I opened the menu, I saw "Lily's Grilled Cheese." I ordered that. The name itself made me want to order it, but it was what I wanted anyways on the menu. :)

The very day after eating "Lily's Grilled Cheese" at the diner, I saw "Lili's" sandwich on the menu at the restaurant in Southport, NC where we ate. I ordered that too.

I found this adorable snowman flag with an embroidered "L" at a quaint shop in Southport to hang at Lily's spot for the winter.

I wrote my sweet girl's name on the shore at sunset on our walk.

At Harris Teeter in Crozet, VA, Dusty spotted "Lily's Dark Chocolate." I am thankful for reminders of my sweet girl all over the place. And thankful too for friends who talk about her and notice things like this as well and who also appreciate and think it's special to see these reminders.

It was so special to share Lily's scrapbook, memorial garden, and memory chest as well!

I also got to take the girls to see the pregnancy center where I volunteer each week. It was extra special because Dusty works at a pregnancy center in Illinois (one of the banquets I spoke at last fall) and Bonnie is an abortion survivor. So we all have hearts for LIFE!

with my mom
with my friend Amanda who is one of the nurses at the center
And here are just a few more photos from our girl's trip, Virginia and North Carolina edition!


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