Friday, November 7, 2014

Lily Allen and Stillbirth

There are so many random things that remind me of Lily Katherine.

For instance, you may have heard of a singer named Lily Allen. I don't know her music and don't think I've ever even heard anything by her. But anyways, I find it interesting that she shares a name with my daughter, Lily Allen, and she also had a baby who was stillborn the same year Lily was, in 2010.

Not only that, but her name is Lily Rose Beatrice Allen. My girl's name, my middle name, and our last name! And she had a baby stillborn in 2010. Pretty crazy similarities there. I don't think it "means" anything, it's just interesting that things like this literally always come across my path.

My friend Naomi even noticed this and sent me an article a few months back saying she thought I would find her name and story interesting. In that article, Lily talks about how devastating losing her son was/is and how she knows it is something she will never "get over." If I'm not mistaken, his 4th birthday was on October 31st.

I don't know her, but I am glad she is bringing more awareness to stillbirth.


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