Monday, July 13, 2015

One Sparkler That Wasn't Used

Last weekend was full of laughter, joy, energy, and love as we celebrated Independence Day weekend in America. My family had a delicious picnic, watched our small hometown parade, and enjoyed the fireworks on a cool summer evening.

I was able to spend some time at Lily's spot and what I felt the entire day came bubbling to the surface. On a day full of the richness of life, I deeply long for the little girl who should be living out her childhood right now, laughing along with my family and playing with sparklers, wearing red, white, and blue, and standing in awe as she'd watch bright colors light up the summer night sky.

Instead, I go to "visit her" in a place of silence. She will never be 5-year-old Lily with curly hair, frizzy from the July humidity, eating messy watermelon and doing whatever she would have loved. I can't stand feeling like I'm the only one who thinks of and misses her on random days. My own family doesn't get to know my own daughter. There will be one sparkler this year that will not be used, but oh her light shines brightly in and from Heaven.

Here is Lily's spot decorated for Independence Day. We took her flowers on my mom's birthday, which is July 2nd. They had matching flowers. :)

A photo from the fireworks display.


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