Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Bloom and Her Buds

My sweet friend Bex shared this photo with me a few weeks ago and wrote: "this rose with the two buds made me think of you, Luke, and Lily. <3 Love you!" It means so much for my babies to be thought of.

When I was coming up with the title for this blog post, "A Bloom and Her Buds" came to me. It reminds me of "Rose and Her Lily," except it includes Luke too. It would make a catchy blog title. Sometimes I wish Luke were included in my blog title as well, but I did incorporate a butterfly in my logo to symbolize him. And he is such a big part of Lily's story. I am so attached to the name "Rose and Her Lily" now, after naming my blog that nearly 6 years ago when I first created it, so I don't think I could rename it now. I am a bloom on Earth and my two babies are my buds. But they are certainly both blooming in Heaven. Buds mean they existed on Earth.


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