Friday, August 14, 2015

JJ Heller Concert

My birthday week celebrations kicked off on Monday night with dinner in charming downtown Apex, NC and a JJ Heller concert with my best friend, Kala! It was a small and intimate ladies' night concert at a church in Apex. Kala and I sat on the 3rd row which was awesome. :-)

JJ and her husband Dave are hilarious and simply adorable together! It was enjoyable to hear their stories and heart behind their songs, every one of of which is special, the lyrics are beautiful, and JJ's voice is uniquely lovely. They played several of the songs I know and love already and surprised us with some new ones off their upcoming album that's releasing later this month (love her new song, "Sound of a Living Heart"). 

The song I most hoped they'd play was "Your Hands." This is one of three songs I played at Lily Katherine's Celebration of Life Service in March 2010. I was so excited when they played it. They talked about the story behind it which was so neat to hear about. I couldn't keep the tears from falling as the melody and words took me right back to the time "when my world is shaking, Heaven stands. When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands. Your hands that shaped the world are holding me, they hold me still." The song is bittersweet and felt like the perfect thing to play at Lily's beautiful service. Hearing JJ rock that harmonica = amazing.

Listen to "Your Hands" below or by clicking HERE.

Because of my connection to this song, it made the concert that much sweeter. I only wish I could have met JJ afterwards to tell her how much that song (and all her songs) mean to me. The only song I really wish they had played is "Olivianna" about a baby girl who is with Lily in Heaven. What an amazing evening that is now a treasured memory, a true gift from the Lord! 

I found the perfect necklace at the merchandise table that I had to get, with lyrics on it from "Your Hands."

When Kala and I parked in downtown Apex, we pulled up right beside a charming store called.... Lilly's! It's so cute and obviously, I love the name and logo (only, they spelled it wrong). ;-)


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