Monday, August 31, 2015

Study Abroad Opportunity

An opportunity has arisen for me to go to Seoul, South Korea in March of next year. I would actually be there on Lily's 6th birthday!

The trip would be for 10 days, with other Liberty University students. I have never been out of the country and have a desire to go out of the borders of the United States. There are so many other beautiful places and beautiful people in this world and I want to go. I want new adventures with Jesus. I want to live fully. I want to live the time that I am single with purpose and joy, rather than "waiting for my life to begin" after I get married (if that ever comes because it's not a given).

This seems like a wonderful opportunity. Seoul, South Korea is a beautiful city (just google some pictures). I would be getting school credits, my internship would be taken care of that I need to graduate, I would be safe with other American students and professors, everything would be planned out already, I would have tourist adventures, and I would be able to have the experience of traveling outside of the States. Also, it would be neat to be there on Lily's birthday! Even though I'd be without anyone who knows her, I could share her with new people. Also, if you haven't heard of The Drop Box, check it out now! It is located in Seoul, so I could potentially go visit! At least I would want to if I went. :-)

I have to decide whether or not to apply by September 7th, so please pray that the Lord would show me if it's His will for me to go and that I would be accepted if I do apply! I'll keep ya posted.


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