Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Month of August 2009

Each year in the month of August, I reflect back on this month in 2009 and how the Lord intervened in my life and changed everything, through big and small things. I've basically already shared about most of the things and rather than re-posting them this August, I have included the post names and links to them for you to peruse as you wish. It's a big part of my story and testimony. :-)

A Glimpse into August '09

He Gave Me a Mother's Heart

Sacred Life Forming Within  

The Place of Light and Hope

He Moves in the Most Unlikely Ways

The God Who Restores

Precious Feet Pin  

He Preserved Her Life

My Spiritual Birthday!

Life for Lily Day Butterfly Release

He's Everything

Be Still and Know

A Whisper of Encouragement


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