Sunday, November 22, 2015

Copeland Concert... 6 Years Later

I've posted several times about my favorite band from when I was pregnant with Lily and how I went to see them in concert on their Farewell Tour when I was 9 months gestation in March 2010. Because of this, they will now always make me think of her.

A year ago, they released another album after deciding to get back together and make new music after 6 years.

Well, a couple weeks ago, my sister Emma and her boyfriend, and our sister-in-law Kala went to see them in concert. Hello, bittersweet nostalgia. It was in the same venue in Chapel Hill as it was when Lily was with us. The layout was a bit different after all these years, but it was still much the same. The entire night felt like a blast from the past, driving over there and going out to dinner, going to the concert and hearing some of the very songs they played in 2010. Because it was their Farewell Tour then, I never imagined I'd see them again in concert or that they'd make new music. When my sister texted me a couple months ago to tell me they were coming to our area again, I couldn't believe it. I was so excited... mostly because they do remind me of her and going there was a way to do something I did with her, which makes the memories of her feel closer.

It was surreal being there and realizing how many years have passed and how much has changed. I thought about how I was pregnant the first concert I went to and now Kala was pregnant this time. I remember meeting the band and getting pictures with them and their autographs in 2010 and they said one day I could tell Lily she went to see them in concert. My little baby girl would now be my big Kindergarten kid.

Here are the Copeland concert pages in Lily's scrapbook :)
Kala & I got a picture in my house in the same spot that my mom, 
sis & I got one nearly 6 years ago (November 2015 above and March 2010 below)

Excitedly on our way to Chapel Hill
Kala & I out to dinner

My sister Emma & I... wow she has changed and grown up so much in the past 6 years

Copeland making beautiful music
For a little taste of Copeland's music, here is a song from their new album that I like a lot (email subscribers click HERE). The song is called "In Her Arms You Will Never Starve." It is so beautiful and reminds me of the love of a mother and/or a wife... the love I ache with hope and longing to be able to give my own family one day.

These are the lyrics: 
"In her arms you will never starve
You will never freeze, and when the world is hard,
you can fall asleep there
in a world of chaos, she could be your silence
The oceans of her kindness, they will pull you under
So fall in. Break through it,
and when you stumble in the cold,
she will urge you onward
And in your darkest hour,
should storms rage around you now,
her love will be a shelter,
and she will pull you under"


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