Monday, November 23, 2015

Lily's Christmas Stocking!

I never got around to sharing Lily's completed memorial Christmas stocking last year. Here it is. :)

It was created with love by my grandmother "Bumma" for her great-granddaughter. My mom and sister-in-love, Kala, also helped with the dangle balls. It's simply perfect. I wanted the colors to be Christmassy colors, while also appropriate for a little girl. They also remind me of Valentine's Day, which makes me think of Lily because I had a Valentine's-themed baby shower.

Bumma and I first started discussing her making Lily's Christmas stocking a couple years ago. It took a while to figure out exactly what we wanted to do. Then last summer we went together to pick out the yarn at a store on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, Virginia called The Needle Lady. I wanted to support a local business and the quality of yarn was better too (made in Turkey!)

My grandmother made me a stocking when I was a little girl (see picture below). :)

I was her first granddaughter and Lily was her first great-granddaughter. This was something special the three of us can share. And it'll be extremely special for me to have this through the years, even long after my grandmother goes Home to be with Jesus. Because she was here when Lily was and she would have been there seeing her grow up. That is so hard for me to know they would know each other if Lily were here and to have no idea if she'll know my future children. Having this stocking reminds me that Bumma does love and know Lily. She loves her and knows her because she has the special bond that a great-grandmother has with her great-granddaughter, even if they never officially "met." And she knows her through me (shout out to my #1 blog follower, Bumma, who is reading this on her email haha!)

Here is a picture I captured of Bumma knitting Lily's stocking during our vacation at Massanutten last fall.

I plan on hanging her stocking each year, one day next to her future siblings' stockings. She will always be a part of my life and Christmas.

Here are some pictures we took last December of Lily's stocking at her special spot...

Here is a video of my grandmother and I sharing Lily's stocking at her special spot last December:

Here is Lily's stocking hanging in my room with my Willow Tree collection. :)

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