Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hearing Lily's Song in Person

When I was in Colorado for Ellerslie this fall, I got to see my dear friend Heather, which is always a blessing.

If you remember, Heather is my friend who surprised me on Lily's 4th birthday with a song about her life and legacy. It is literally the most precious gift I've ever received. :-)

I have listened to the song literally probably over a hundred times since then, but never had I heard it in person... until recently.

Heather and her family had me over for dinner the first weekend that I was in Colorado. I went out a few days early to spend time with my friend Bex and Heather. What a precious evening of fellowship we had... and not to mention, Heather is an amazing cook!

Heather and I with her beautiful daughter

Anyways, before I left, Heather said she wanted to play Lily's song for me in person. I of course was hoping she would and was deeply touched by it. It is a completely different experience to hear it in person rather than only a recording of it. I was able to take a video of her playing for me, which you can watch below. (Email subscribers click HERE).

Here is a lyrics page that Heather made for me

As soon as Heather finished playing, we gave each other a big hug and I couldn't keep the tears from flowing. It was a dear moment and Jesus was in our midst. I was yet again completely overwhelmed by her gift and how Jesus loved me through her. She is seriously so talented and I am blessed at how she uses her gifts for the Lord and His glory and to minister to others.

One day, I would like Heather to travel with me when I speak so she can play the song live for an audience... I know they will be immensely blessed by it as well.

Two years after Heather first started thinking about writing the song, and then going through the process of writing it, I finally got to hear it in person. :'-)

You can read more about Lily's song by clicking HERE.


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  1. That song gave me chills. Wow, that is so beautiful. And such an incredible gift. Thanks for sharing!


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