Monday, July 25, 2016

Little Flower Girl

I realized I never posted this blog entry from 2013 about when my brother Joseph and his wife (my best friend) Kala got married. Their wedding date was October 11th, 2013. And now here we are, nearly 3 years later, with a new member of the family... My precious niece, Harvest.

My family at their wedding (missing Lily) 

Lily gained an auntie. Kala knew it would be a tough day for me without Lily there, who would be 3 1/2, the perfect age to be a flower girl. She was thoughtful in the ways she chose to include Lily in the day...

For one thing, she didn't have a flower girl because she knew it would be too hard for me. She said that Lily was the "honorary flower girl." (Click here to read a post I wrote about my little flower girl).

They had a multi-layered tier cake and the top flavor was red-velvet, in honor of Lily. For those who don't know, each year on Lily's birthday, it is a tradition to have red-velvet cake in her honor. I had a Valentine's-themed baby shower and that's the cake we had there. Kala had wanted to put a lily on the table by the cake.

She also wanted my bouquet to have a white lily in it, as the maid of honor. My mom was going to wear a lily in her hair... but unfortunately, we couldn't get our hands on some lilies the day of the wedding. I also wanted to get lilies painted on my nails, but wasn't able to. It was a busy, busy day.

Though I wasn't able to do everything I hoped, the small gestures of how Lily was thought about and included helped ease the ache in my heart for my girl who won't ever be there for special family celebrations. I wish my little flower girl could have been there...

The day was beautiful. The wedding was held at a charming southern Bed & Breakfast in South Carolina.

The Lord blessed us with gorgeous weather for an outdoor Autumn wedding. There had been rain on the days before and after the wedding. The bride was breathtaking and Jesus was the central focus of the day.

Praying together before the Ceremony (and not wanting to see each other)

Bridesmaids praying with Kala before the Ceremony

Kneeling together at the cross, which was the backdrop for the Ceremony

What a neat idea :)

Joseph and Kala have a beautiful love story. After meeting when they were in middle school, the Lord scripted quite the story - ending with them getting married at ages 28 and 29.

With the lovely bride

With the thrilled groom

The Allen siblings

Kala and her dad arrived to the Ceremony in a horse-drawn 
carriage and Joseph and Kala left in the carriage

Cute Bumma at the wedding

Walking down the "aisle" ...wearing my pink pearls for my pure little girl.

The Ceremony

As part of the Ceremony, I was asked to read some Scripture aloud.

First kiss as husband and wife


The entire bridal party

The reception was held under a tent on the property

Joseph and Kala's first dance as a married couple at the Reception

Delicious southern food!

Southern Bluegrass

Dancing with his beloved grandmother at the Reception

Leaving the celebration as newlyweds!


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