Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Visible Reminder

My sweet friend Teresa from Ellerslie sent me the sweetest email a couple days ago...

She wrote: "The tiger lilies are blooming here and I was just picking some to put in my vase on my windowsill. And I thought of your Lily. I love that you chose the name Lily and that she is remembered by something so visible to us. I am grateful that you remember her publicly reminding us of how real she was and is and how all children who do not live outside the womb are just as real. It is because of all that that this year as I was cutting tiger lilies that I thought of your Lily and of you. May God bless you today with a special sense of His presence with you."

My friend Grace from Ellerslie also sent me a couple photos

She said: "Thinking of you while out in our garden. :)"

With this picture she wrote: "My sister helped me put together a vase for my room, and after I cut the flowers, I realized what kinds I put together."

I recently texted my friend Tina and she responded and said she was just thinking of me, after seeing a lily on something at a store. She said she now automatically starts looking for roses too when she sees lilies.

It means a lot to me when others let me know they are thinking of my little flower. And Teresa said it perfectly... It's so special that the Lord gave Lily a name with something so visibly attached to her name, as a reminder and symbol of my sweet Lily bloom.


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