Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Snippets of Lily in Conversations

I want to share these snippets from recent conversations to remember myself always how much my mom loves her first granddarling and how she is always thinking of her.

A couple weeks ago, I was talking with some of my family members about how most of our birthdays are in back-to-back months, meaning we have a lot of celebrating during late spring and throughout the summer. :) My sister's birthday is in May (and now so is my niece's), my sister-in-law's birthday is in June, my mom's and twin brother's birthday is in July, and mine is in August (as well as lots of other extended family member's birthdays thrown into the mix). Anyways, I said something about my dad's being in a different part of the year, November... Before I could say Lily's is also in a different part of the year, my mom chimed in and said, "of course, Lily's is in March." I was so happy she mentioned my little girl's special day. Lily and my dad were both born on the 16th day of their birth months, so that's a special connection they have. :)

Then yesterday, my brother, sister-in-law, and niece were visiting. My brother was saying how Harvest is the most beautiful baby he has ever seen (which she is truly gorgeous and of course everyone should think their baby is the most beautiful). I thought in my mind she's one of the most, with Lily being the most beautiful in my heart. My mom said out loud that she was one of the most beautiful. And I jokingly said, "and your 4 children too, right?" knowing how moms are about their own babies. And she responded, "and Lily too." :'-) *insert crying here*

Then later, I was holding my precious little niece and remarked on her adorable little knuckle dimples, as my mom calls them. My mom said, "I know, they are so sweet... Lily had them too." She did have them. She was "perfectly formed and beautifully real," as her song says.

I don't always want to be the only one who thinks of Lily and brings her up in everyday conversations. I told my mom it means the world to me that she thinks of Lily too, talks freely about her, and never, ever forgets her or her place in her heart or our family. I told her she helps acknowledge my motherhood each time she talks about Lily. She responded and said, "She is my granddaughter," like of course she is in her thoughts. Like how could it be any other way? But I know that it could be another way. I know that not every mother with a baby in Heaven has a supportive and loving family like mine. I know what a gift the Lord has given me in my mother.


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